Making Money Management Fun

How do you engage nearly 700 disadvantaged kids to teach them about the importance of saving money, spending carefully and developing good money management habits? You build an iPad app.

And, so we did.

In late October, 674 Delaware students from Wilmington and Newark converged on Barclay’s offices for
Make a Difference Day, an international call to action to give back to those less fortunate. And, in true Barclays style, it was a very big day.

Our Savings Adventures app brought the kids together with 600 Barclays employee-mentors for an hour of one-on-one financial literacy learning  – disguised as a game.

We had great fun creating Savings Adventures and from the looks of the video, the kids had even more fun playing it. And, I’ll bet, they learned something, too!

Have a look:

Posted by Dave Wilson on Nov 29, 2011
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One comment

  1. Dave:

    This is breathtakingly awesome! BREATHTAKING!

    Please have someone on your team let me know how I can help!

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